Best Of: Firefox extensions


All have versions available that are compatible with Firefox 1.5...

  • Adblock Plus - block adverts
  • DOM Inspector (built-in) - explore DOM trees
  • downTHEMall! - batch download files
  • Greasemonkey - run javascript on specified pages
  • LiveHTTPHeaders - shows HTTP headers, good for debugging
  • LiveLines - configure the destination for feed subscriptions
  • MIME Type Editor - set default behaviours for file types (for OS X, 'Open with /System/Library/CoreServices/' often works well)
  • Piggy Bank - store and present semantic data
  • SessionSaver - store collections of pages and recover from crashes
  • Slogger - log and archive visited web pages
  • Stylish - apply CSS styles to specified pages
  • Tab X - add a close button to each tab
  • Web Developer - huge amount of tools for web development

And honourable mentions to BugMeNot, Platypus and User Agent Switcher, which come in handy occasionally.