XSL files for publishing from NLM XML


I'd been doing some work on an OJS plugin for publishing journal articles using XML files in the NLM's Journal Publishing format. It still needs some work, but in particular the XSL files need testing with more real data. If anyone's in a position to take the XSL files, try them out and report back with any problems or modifications, that would be extremely helpful.

  • XSL files for transforming NLM XML to (X)HTML, PDF (using FOP or XEP) and MODS. There are still some less common elements that need to be accounted for, but most things work, including SVG and MathML.
  • An example output page in (X)HTML (depending on what your browser accepts), PDF and various citation formats. The javascript and CSS files are all in the same directory.

Some of the XSL files are based on earlier work by my colleague MJ Suhonos.