BT have been busy


BT seem to have loads of new (and old) services around at the moment; here are a few:

  • Total Broadband: 8Mb/s broadband, via Home Hub (router). Includes an email account from Yahoo!.
  • Broadband Talk: phone handset that connects to the Home Hub (free evening/weekend calls to landlines).
  • Online account management: associate multiple phone accounts with one online account. View itemised bills and make payments. Manage an address book, so names are associated with numbers and show up on bills.
  • Friends & Family: get 10% discount on calls to 10 numbers; choose the Auto option to automatically get this discount on the top 5 numbers on each bill. Choose one Best Friend number to get a 20% discount.
  • Vision: on-demand broadband TV, film, music and video. Delivered to a Freeview-receiving set-top box via wireless from the Home Hub.
  • Fusion: mobile phone with wireless; connects to the BT Home Hub or OpenZone hotspots when possible for cheaper calls.
  • Digital Vault: 1GB of free file storage for non-BT customers, 2GB otherwise. Upload files, then send an invitation by email to invite someone to view them.
  • 1571: Answering service; recorded messages available to listen online.

The services are still a bit disjointed though - you often have to sign in in multiple places.